Ordinance Review Committee

George Cheney III
Maurice St. Clair

Mission Statement
The mission of the Ordinance Review Committee is to review and/or draft ordinance language at the request of the Board of Selectmen and suggest or recommend changes, if any, that are consistent with the current Town Comprehensive Plan for the benefit of the residents and property owners.

Adopted 9/26/2012 –  Amended 11/28/2012

The following ordinances, charter, and policies are available for download by clicking on the links:

Charter – Amended 2020
Shoreland Zoning Ordinance amended thru 7-14-2020
Zoning Ordinance – Amended – 06-11-2019
Personnel Policy
Access to Public Records – 1-7-2019 
Communications & Social Media Policy – 1-7-2019 
Records and Positions Ordinance
Street Address Ordinance
Military Excise Tax Exemption Ordinance
Dog Ordinance
Property Assessed  Ordinance (PACE)
Recall Ordinance of Elected Officials
Sex Offender Ordinance
Land Development & Subdivision Standards – March 4, 2020
Street Acceptance Design Constr Stand Ordinance thru 7-14-2020

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