Ordinance Review Committee


Lee Schatz                      6/2024
Steven Merola               6/2025
Leo Thibodeau              6/2025
Maurice St. Clair           6/2024
Michael Rancourt         6/2025
Peggy Macdonald         6/2024
George Cheney III         6/2024
Brenda Charland (CEO Liaison) 6/2025
Donald Hernon (Planning Board Liaison) 6/2024


Mission Statement
The mission of the Ordinance Review Committee is to review and/or draft ordinance language at the request of the Board of Selectmen and suggest or recommend changes, if any, that are consistent with the current Town Comprehensive Plan for the benefit of the residents and property owners.

Adopted 9/26/2012 –  Amended 11/28/2012

Ordinances can be found for download on the following page: ordinances town charter policies

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