Comprehensive Plan Committee

Committee Members

Michelle Feliccitti
David Alves
Peggy Macdonald
Don Hernon

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Meeting Minutes / Videos

October 30th, 2023 Meeting (VIDEO)
December 11, 2023 Public Hearing (VIDEO)   –    Remote Participation Policy


TOL 2019 Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Lyman is seeking volunteers to join a Comprehensive Plan Committee

The committee will be a diverse group of community members that meet regularly to review the existing comprehensive plan and develop strategic implementation steps to set the direction of the Town’s growth.

The Select Board will be assigning this committee to focus firstly on areas addressing a newly enacted state law, LD 2003 “An Act to Implement the Recommendation of the Commission to Increase Housing Opportunities in Maine by Studying Zoning & Land Use Regulations”. This law was designed to remove unnecessary regulatory barriers to housing production in Maine, while preserving local ability to create land use plans and protect sensitive environmental resources.

A review of the Town’s Growth Management Plan and its sections regarding housing and land use will need to be conducted, and proposed goals to reflect an appropriate level of growth for Lyman while coinciding with applicable concepts of LD 2003.

Other areas to be regarded will include general housekeeping of the Comprehensive Plan that may include updates of introductory and preamble notes, and if necessary, a full review of the Plan to cover any other fundamental revisions.

The Select Board is looking for a total of seven volunteers to serve as voting members of the committee, with additional liaison support from standing committees within the Town to also serve as advisory members.

Members of the committee must be registered voters of the Town of Lyman.

If you are interested in joining the Comprehensive Plan Committee, please fill out our Committee Application form and send a copy to the Town Manager. The Select Board will review applications for consideration of appointment.

For a copy of our Committee Application, Click here

If you have any questions regarding the Comprehensive Plan Committee, or other committee opportunities, please contact the Town Manager.

11 South Waterboro Rd
Lyman, ME 04002

Tel. (207)-247-0642





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