Kennebunk Pond Landscaping Improvements are anticipated to continue until late Spring. 

MDOT has been contacted and will be scheduled to replace and modify the guardrail along the beach side to allow for a crosswalk to be striped directly from the parking entrance to the beach and ADA walkway. Once the guardrail is complete, work can begin on the ADA walkway and beach area. Work is anticipated to begin early to mid April and finish by the end of April pending weather conditions. Striping of the crosswalk will be scheduled depending on weather conditions and availability of vendor. 

The gate area has been trenched and roughed in to prep for the install of an automatic gate system. Once installed, new flashing beacons for pedestrian crossing will be installed at the cross walk area between the gate entrance and beach. The gate system will be free of charge and set on a timing system to open and close at sunrise and sundown when the beach is open. Once closed, the gate sensor will be set to open for vehicles leaving form the inside of the parking area. Signage will be posted to display hours of operation and park rules. 

Finally, the plantings will be planted in late Spring to early Summer, depending on when nurseries have plant material available, and to ensure the best possibility of survival for the plantings. 

The beach, boat launch, and parking area will remain open to the public during construction. Some areas of the beach will be marked off to allow for work to be done.

We appreciate your patience while this project has been a long and endeavoring task.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the landscaping improvements, please contact the Town Manager at 207-247-0642 or



Page last Updated on April 3, 2024