Food Drive Election Day



ON ELECTION DAY BRING NON- PERISHABLE FOOD OR CASH DONATIONS TO YOUR POLLING PLACE and look for the local food pantry collection site.  In some communities, you can drop your donation in the Assessor’s Office if a food pantry collection table is not available.

“Thanks for Giving” food drive was started by the late Gina Merry, the Assessor of the Town of Lyman who set up a tent and collection table in front of the town hall each year.  Gina lost her battle with cancer; and to honor her, the Town of Lyman has continued the drive.  The food drive has been a great success in helping to draw voters to the polls and boosting cash and food donations to the local food pantry.

Gina’s husband, Joe Merry, has been working with Assessors throughout Maine to expand the food drive state-wide.  As an Assessor, It just made sense to reach out to others in my field and seek their involvement as well.  Most of my colleagues have an office at which those who can’t make it to the polls or come to the Town Office to Absentee Vote, can drop off donations.  We in turn can pass them along.   “We started an informal board of directors and It is my goal along with Craig Skelton in South Berwick, Nicholas Cloutier in Scarborough, Jim Thomas in South Portland and Kerry Leichtman in Rockport to involve as many Assessing Departments throughout the state as we can,” says Joe Merry.  “It will go a long way to fill some pantries if we can energize folks to “Get Their Can To The Polls!”

I think this effort will give citizens an opportunity to feel that they got out to vote and can be involved with helping their community.   “We hope the slogan ‘Get Your Can to the Polls’ will have a double benefit,” says Craig Skelton.

If you don’t make it to the Polls on Election Day, please call your local Assessor and check to see if donations can be dropped off at their office.  Participating offices will forward donations to  the closest Food Bank.

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