Frequently Asked Questions (Tax Assessor)

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Q. What can I do if I think my property’s assessed value is incorrect?

A. Contact the Assessor’s office and I will discuss your value with you! There may be errors in our assessment data that you can help me correct. I am also able to come visit your property. Otherwise, you can apply for an abatement by using the document found by clicking here.

Q. What can I do if my Tax bill is getting too expensive?

A. First, check if you qualify for any of the tax reduction programs on the Assessor’s Main Page. Second, your taxes are your share of Total Town Valuation vs. Total Town Spending. If you think your property’s value is correct and don’t want to move to a less valuable property, then you should try to help the Town find ways to lower its spending or encourage town growth.

Q. Why is the prior owner’s name still on my tax bill?

A. Per State Law, taxes are assessed to the owner of record as of April 1st.

Q. What period does the tax bill cover?

A. The tax bill covers July 1st through June 30th. The tax bill is based on the assessment date of April 1st.

Q. I sold my property and the taxes were prorated at the time of closing, why did I receive the entire bill?

A. If you were the owner of the property as of April 1st, you will receive the current year tax bill. If you sold the property after April 1st, please forward the tax bill to the new owner. Proration of taxes between the buyer and seller does not involve the town. Often times monies are collected for taxes at the time of the closing and appear on the closing statement but they are not actually paid to the municipality.

Q. Will the town mail my tax bill to my mortgage company?

A. No, Tax bills are mailed to the property owner. We suggest that you mail a copy of the tax bill to your mortgage company the month prior to taxes being due.

Q. Do different properties get different tax rates?

A. Every property, big and small, real estate or personal property, gets taxed at the same rate.

Q. Why did my property’s assessment change?

A. Most often, because we have learned that the property itself has changed. Changed acreage, a building addition, or a renovation all change market value.

If your property hasn’t changed, it’s likely that we have conducted a valuation system update. An Assessor’s goal is to ensure that their system results in assessments that are as proportionally close to Fair Market Value as humanly possible. As the markets for property change, inequalities emerge; periodic changes and re-evaluations must be done occasionally to keep assessments equitable. We know changes can be painful, but we must strive for fairness in all circumstances.